Commercial Services
  • Commercial Kitchens

    Commercial Kitchens

    No matter if you're building a new restaurant or just remodeling an old one, we can help you with your commercial kitchen!

    We can setup cook lines, heat lamps, water-safe GFI outlets and electrical distribution systems.

  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting

    We can take care of all your outdoor and parking lighting needs.

    We will install outdoor and parking lighting that uses new LED technology to make sure your customers know you are open for business, while saving your business money!

  • Warehouses


    Every warehouse needs good lighting, contacters and power distribution!

    We can install new LED lighting in an old or new warehouse to save your company money! We can upgrade your contacters and upgrade or add additional power distribution points.

  • Strip Malls

    Strip Malls

    We help businesses of all kinds with their electrical needs. We've worked with stores, restaurants, doctor's offices, health centers, studios, churches and synagogues.

    We can help your business or organization install new electrical service, add on to your existing electrical service, or perform routine maintenance on your electrical systems!

  • Generators


    Losing a day's work because of a power failure is the most preventable reason why a business will close. Don't be at the mercy of the elements.

    We install natural gas, propane gas and diesel generators with auto-transfer switches. With one of these in place, you'll never even know there was a power failure and your business can keep on humming along.

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