Residential Services
  • Bathroom


    Everyone knows that a good bathroom is one of the most saught-after aspects of a good home.

    Make your bathroom a warm and inviting place on a cold day with the installation of a new recessed heat lamp. Want improved vanity lighting? Yeah, we do that too!

  • Kitchen


    Let us make your kitchen come alive with expertly installed lighting!

    You'll not only be adding value to your home, but making your kitchen a warmer, more inviting place for family and friends!

  • Addition


    When planning an addition, it's the perfect time to think about upgrading your electrical service to accommodate the extra load.

    We can add ceiling fans, recessed lighting, home networking cable and plenty of outlets!

  • Mud Room-Entry

    Mud Room-Entry

    Every good mud room-entry needs equally good lighting!

    We can light your way from the car to the door and then inside. Not only does this provide extra security for your family and friends, but it improves safety, too!

  • Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom

    Set the right mood and add convenience in the bedroom by having us install fully programmable, dimmable lights.

    Without even getting out of bed, you'll be able to set the correct light-level to suit the mood, or turn off your lights completely!

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